Ready Mix Concrete Pouring & Finishing in Upland, CA

When building your dream home project, perfection may be more challenging than you think. Creating something aesthetically appealing, versatile, and durable is fulfilling and exhilarating. With that in mind, you need a reliable, sound, and cost-effective material. At NexGen Ready Mix, we manufacture ready mix concrete in small batches with particular specifications to suit your designs and deliver it to your job site.

Our team build this patio by using ready mix concrete pouring in Upland, CA

Ready mix concrete can be customized to your specific project. Our concrete trucks arrive with your product ready to pour, making it fast and efficient. Walkways, patios, and driveways can add to your home’s value and appeal. Polished concrete flooring has become more common in modern homes, replacing the usual choices of wood or carpet. We can make your dream become reality. Concrete technology has come a long way and can be stamped, dyed, stained, textured, or smooth. Whether you are installing a concrete patio, a pool, a foundation, or a sidewalk, we have the knowledge and experience for your project.

Consider hiring a professional concrete contractor for your construction project. We have experience with commercial projects, as well as residential. Whether you are a homeowner looking to update your hardscaping or a business owner looking to improve the walkways in front of your business, we cover all aspects of your project from concrete forms to concrete finishing. We can install retaining walls, flooring, slabs, patios, concrete steps, or even pool surrounds to enhance your home or business property. From decorative concrete to plain concrete, textured concrete to polished concrete, no job is too big or too small. We strive for for excellence in the concrete construction industry. We know timing is important and work to adhere to your schedule in order for projects to be completed on time. There are many factors to consider before the actual concrete delivery and pouring and we can precisely account for them. Here are some crucial elements to help you choose the best ready mix concrete for your project.

Why Concrete Class Matters

Different construction projects require varying concrete classes. The five classes of concrete show the compressive strength of the mix 28 days after the concrete pouring and curing. The classes are 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30, representing the number of newtons strength or forces once hardened. If the wrong class of concrete is used, it compromises the structural integrity of the construction. Hiring a concrete contractor is the most effective way to guarantee the correct class is chosen for smooth, lasting concrete finishing. Our concrete contractors can also help you determine if any reinforcement, such as rebar or a fiber reinforcement mixture, is necessary. We leverage extensive industry knowledge and expertise to customize a mix suited to your project’s specifications. Done correctly, concrete is extremely durable and will last many years without any issues, making it a sustainable product that can withstand the elements.

Project Needs

If you’re going to experience good concrete finishing, ensure your concrete contractor knows what you intend to repair or build so that suitable quality materials and quantities are used. We work with you throughout the process and manufacture ready mix concrete to your unique specifications to achieve suitable results for your project. Afterall, you only want to do the job once. Hiring a concrete contractor helps to ensure the job is done right with the correct dependable quality concrete materials. Failing to hire a professional concrete contractor can lead to the use of the wrong concrete mix, affecting the quality of your final result. Working with an experienced team will help ensure you get the results you want to achieve. From forms to finishings, pouring concrete to pumping concrete, we work with you through the entire process.

Walkaway pavers done with concrete from NexGen Ready Mix in Upland, CA

Budget Considerations

As mentioned, there are different classes of concrete, each with a different price point. Compared to materials like bricks, however, ready mix concrete is cost-effective and economical, while working within your budget. Since concrete is a durable construction material, it will last significantly longer than other products. When you hire an experienced concrete contractor, we assess the magnitude of the project and your budget to decide on the ideal types of concrete that won’t strain your project financially, yet give you the desired results.

How Much Concrete?

Knowing your project’s size before ordering concrete is critical to avoid the inconveniences of ordering too little or too much concrete. The last thing you want is to incur extra costs because of wastage from too much concrete or to derail the completion of your project by ordering less concrete than required. You can speak to one of our concrete contractors and even request a visit to get a professional opinion. We will assess your project and calculate just how many cubic yards you will need delivered to the job site.

Concrete stairs built by our concrete pros at NexGen Ready Mix in Upland, CA


Ready mix concrete is premixed in a controlled, automated environment that reduces human error. Concrete pouring or pumping should be completed within the first four hours. We traditionally make early morning deliveries that are on time, helping to keep your project on schedule. The concrete is completely ready when it reaches the job site, making for a quick and accurate pour. We have invested in batching plants which allow us to customize your concrete specific to your job site. This means we can control every aspect of the mix process, from the class to be used to the additives of dyes or aggregates unique to your project. We have all the tools needed for your project from trowels and forms to brooms, stamps, and polishers. These are vital factors to help you make an informed decision before purchasing ready mix concrete. We supply to Upland and surrounding areas.

Contact us at NexGen Ready Mix and talk to our representatives if you want a high-quality, economical, and dependable construction material. We have over 20 years in the concrete industry and constantly strive to keep up with new technologies with concrete. We are working diligently to reduce our emissions and carbon footprint. Let us be your concrete supplier and contractor. Leaders in the concrete industry, we are reputable, adhere to quotes and delivery schedules, and want to see you satisfied with the results of your project. In the world of concrete, we strive to be the best. We are here for all your concrete needs. Let us help you make your concrete construction dreams a breeze. We leverage industry-standard equipment and techniques to guarantee nothing short of exceptional ready mix concrete without breaking the bank.

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