Ready Mix Concrete Pouring & Finishing in Pomona, CA

A new concrete patio, driveway, or walkway can be a game changer for your home, adding to its value. Fresh concrete is a fast and affordable way to update old, cracked hardscaping and landscaping, and with NexGen Ready Mix, it’s never been easier. Whether you are looking to create a decorative space or something more practical, we can help you through the process from forming to finish. Not quite sure where to start? Hiring one of our concrete contractors can help your vision become a reality. Let us help you create something that is aesthetically pleasing, versatile, and lasting.

Driveway and walkway installed by NexGen Ready Mix Pomona, CA

Why Ready Mix Concrete?

Ready Mix Concrete, or RMC, is manufactured in batches to meet your exact needs and specifications. This offers several advantages over traditional concrete:

  • The concrete is completely ready to go by the time it reaches the job site, allowing for faster, more reliable pours.
  • Concrete should be used within 4 hours of mixing, so it’s done in batches specifically for your job site.
  • The mix can be more precisely controlled, allowing for custom materials and dyes to meet your unique needs and specifications.
  • More of the concrete mixing process is automated, reducing human error.
  • Because the concrete is premixed, less equipment is necessary at the job site, which can be beneficial in tight spaces.
  • With 5 different classes of concrete, one of our concrete contractors can take the confusion out of which mix is best for your project.
  • Using the correct class of concrete, which relates to compression strength after hardening, helps to ensure the integrity of your project.
  • We offer more sustainable concrete options.
  • We combine our extensive industry knowledge with our expertise of many years in the concrete construction industry to bring you a quality concrete product.
  • Our concrete contractors will help calculate how many cubic yards are needed.
  • We help you stay within your budget without paying for too much concrete or not ordering enough.

Concrete Pouring Services

Concrete remains one of the strongest, most reliable, and most affordable hardscaping options for homeowners. A concrete patio costs a fraction of what you would pay for an interlocking paver patio, wooden deck, or composite deck. With today’s technologies of dying, stamping, or texturing, it can look equally appealing. Utilizing decorative concrete has never been easier. It will usually last significantly longer, making it a great investment. Being a durable product, it can also withstand the elements.

Our concrete contractors work with you to establish if any reinforcement materials, such as rebar or a fiber reinforcement mixture, would be appropriate for your project.

Commercial clients are also welcomed. Let us help improve your business with fresh walkways or slabs. We can also help with concrete repairs if necessary. We have the ability to install patios, as well as pour foundations or walls. Whether you are starting out from scratch or improving an existing building. We have the capability to pump or pour our ready mix concrete.

Call us any time for:

  • Patios/slabs
  • Pools/pool surrounds
  • Decks
  • Retaining walls
  • Concrete walls
  • Footings
  • Garage floors
  • Polished concrete flooring
  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Building foundations
  • Bridges
  • Steps/stairs
  • And more
Concrete contractor at work pouring cement reinforced with rebar

Concrete Finishing Services

Despite what you might think, just pouring the concrete isn’t enough to complete a patio or driveway. Concrete requires finishing to smooth out the surface, ensure the proper shape and appearance, and seal it. We have all the tools of the industry needed to complete the look you want for your specific project, from smooth to decorative.

For most projects, our concrete finishing can include:

  • Smoothing with hand trowels and power trowels
  • Texturing with brooms and other equipment
  • Edging/curbs
  • Staining the concrete/installing colored concrete
  • Stamping the concrete/concrete stamping services
  • Polishing the concrete
  • Adding aggregates to create a more unique appearance
  • Sealing the concrete
Ready mix crew from smoothing concrete after a pour for finishing

Why Make NexGen Ready Mix Your Concrete Contractor in Pomona?

  • We have over 20 years of concrete industry experience
  • We offer early morning deliveries and on-time deliveries
  • We realize your time is important and adhere to construction schedules
  • We realize a single delivery delay can set back a project and pride ourselves on being timely
  • We work within your budget to provide you with the most exceptional quality concrete products possible
  • We keep the cost of concrete affordable
  • We adhere to our quotes
  • We work with you from forms to finishes
  • We can help with concrete repair
  • We custom mix your concrete for a variety of specific needs
  • We have extensive experience creating unique textures, colors, and appearances for your concrete
  • No project is too big or too small. We work with residential and commercial clients alike
  • We strive to keep up with new technologies within the concrete industry
  • Leaders in the concrete industry, we are always looking to reduce our emissions and carbon footprint
  • You have a professional concrete contractor on your team to help you from start to finish
  • We have a fleet of concrete trucks ready to deliver your concrete, even with short notice
  • We can also offer base, sand, rock, and recycled materials
  • We are a premiere concrete supplier
  • We are reputable, reliable, and want you to be satisfied with the work we do for you
  • We proudly service clients throughout San Bernardino County, Riverside County, and more.
Commercial Concrete Work from NexGen Ready Mix

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