Concrete Finishing

The quality of your concrete isn’t all about the pour. Concrete finishing is required to create a consistent, cured surface that will be durable for as long as possible. Both residential and commercial concrete projects require finishing for functionality. However, finishing can also add beauty and make concrete mimic other materials that aren’t as durable or affordable. Consider decorative concrete flooring for your garage or add textured finishes to your commercial project to increase its appeal and value. NexGen Ready Mix can help with superior customer service and exceptional results. We offer concrete finishing in Chino, San Bernardino, and Riverside Counties.

Smooth concrete finishing for a patio in Chino, California

What is Concrete Finishing?

Concrete finishing is not just about smoothing out the surface of the concrete—although that is a significant part. The finishing process happens before, during, and after the concrete’s curing process. Depending on the type of concrete and its intended use, we may screed, float, edge, groove and seal the concrete to give it the quality, shape, and texture required. Using a curing compound might also be part of the finishing process and can help keep the timeline on your project.

Smoothing concrete may be necessary to ensure it will function properly. For example, significant inconsistencies in the height of the concrete could cause weight to be spread unevenly across the surface, stressing one part more and potentially causing damage or failure. However, finishing is not just about function. It can also be decorative.

Finishing options for concrete include:

  • Using a trowel to smooth out the concrete
  • Using a broom to add a rough texture
  • Staining the concrete to add color (added during mixing or after)
  • Stamping the concrete to add any of a wide variety of textures
  • Polishing concrete to create a more reflective surface
  • Adding aggregate materials or salt for aesthetics

There are many other options for decorative concrete finishing.

Why Choose NexGen Ready Mix for Concrete Finishing?

You need expertise when finishing concrete. It takes years of experience to time the finishing process correctly and to create a high-quality, uniform finish without blisters, dusting, scaling, or cracking. With over 20 years of industry experience, the team at NextGen Ready Mix can get you a high-quality finish for any concrete project. Trust us for decorative driveways and smooth concrete foundations.

our concrete finishing team

Commercial Concrete Finishing

Commercial projects often rely on a different concrete mixture than the average residential project. Your concrete will have a different water-cement ratio, meaning the finishing needs to be timed differently than in a residential project. Concrete can’t be finished when there is still bleed water on the surface. High-slump concrete shouldn’t be tamped. With over twenty years of industry experience, our professionals have the knowledge to produce high-quality results for any commercial concrete project.

commercial concrete finishing

Residential Concrete Finishing

Even when you’re doing it yourself, you can get results that look professional. We can help with high-quality concrete finishing that is right for your project. Talk to us about the many concrete finishes we can achieve for you.

residential single family home with new concrete driveway

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