Is It Better to Stain or Seal a Concrete Patio in California?

Concrete is versatile and the most used construction material for flooring and countertops. Although concrete has been used for design and construction, recent advancements have enhanced its sturdiness and reliability. Regarding concrete patios, there are two standard finishing options: staining and sealing. Both techniques are commonly used to achieve the desired outcome but have pros [...]

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What Additives Can Make Concrete Set Faster?

Concrete additives are used before or during mixing, improving quality, acceleration, manageability, and retardation of setting time. These are some of the properties NexGen Ready Mix alters to customize your batch of ready mix concrete. We leverage top-quality additives to guarantee clients a smooth concrete pouring, reducing cost while increasing productivity. The cost of concrete [...]

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Does a 10×10 Concrete Slab Need Rebar?

Whether a 10x10 concrete slab needs Rebar depends on several factors. Rebar is often used to reinforce concrete slabs over four inches thick. However, the purpose of the slab is vital. If you intend to install a patio or driveway, it is advisable to add metal reinforcement like mesh and Rebar. At NexGen Ready Mix, [...]

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How Thick Should a Concrete Walkway Be?

Do you have a stone front walk in your home? If so, you may benefit by shifting to a concrete walkway. However, even with all the necessary preparations, concrete pouring and finishing is an art form, hence the need to consult a professional. The thickness of your walkway is critical to ensuring it doesn't crack [...]

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How to Make Old Concrete Look New Again

No one wants to repour their concrete driveway or any other concrete surface that they have. It’s a ton of work and a great deal of expense. Are there cheaper, easier ways to take some warn down concrete and make it look like you just poured it down? Yes! There are a few options that [...]

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How to Keep Your Cement Driveway from Cracking

You’ve had a beautiful new cement driveway installed, and pulling into your home has never been easier. But you know that overtime any cement driveway can crack. How do you protect your cement and keep it looking good for longer? There are a few steps you can take, and we’ll explain them below. By the [...]

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